The Founder

Presentation of the new quality label which has been present for many years in more than 15 000 shops in China and Taiwan, ensuring a selection and verification of the production processes by our French founder, Alexandre Petit. Official press conference in front of dozens of journalists, TV and national press in Taipei.

The founder of Media International News comes from the wine and spirits industry. He has been and still is a key figure in the purchasing of wines and spirits by the largest Asian distribution groups.

After starting out in France with LVMH, as head of comparative tastings of Champagne in Epernay (Mercier brand), the capital of Champagne, Alexandre Petit visited hundreds of international winegrowers in person, before creating a quality label for mass distribution in Asia. Even today, thousands of shops (including 7-Eleven) follow his selection for their purchases and advise the final buyers. He has also been in charge of the jury of numerous international competitions for several years, and has had the opportunity to taste thousands of wines in blind tastings and in exhibition conditions.

The Company

Teams in over 80 countries, serving importers and distributors of wine, spirits, beer and food worldwide.

Media International News specialises in communication (online journals, newsletters, advertising) and event organisation in the wine, spirits, beer and food sector with international professional buyers (importers and distributors)

Our priority is to communicate about the best products (AOC wines, quality production methods, know-how, experience, taste, packaging, etc.) to targeted real buyers (importers, distributors, buyers for restaurant and hotel groups, airlines, duty-free, wine merchants, supermarkets, companies, retail shops, etc.) in order to increase the visibility of producers for professional buyers.

All of our DATA is derived from manual work by our international teams in over 80 countries to determine who the real buyers of wine, spirits, beer and food are in each country. We update this data continuously to optimise our communication and trade show invitations.

Our sales people, journalists, marketing managers and project managers are present all over the world. Although our head office is in London, our reach is totally international. Join us today to work in partnership if you want to boost your international sales.